I have finally managed to set up my blog page! YAY!!!

It has only taken me about 6 months in total, not bad right?! (I hope you have a good sarcasm detector because I’m from Estonia 🙂 )

I signed up about three weeks ago, paid the annual premium account membership fee and everything and then spent another three weeks on choosing the perfect theme and text font which are now  looking pretty much the same as they did on my initial WordPress sample page.  Oh well, at least I tried :)!

Anyway, this will be the place where I’ll be sharing my honest opinions, thoughts, experiences about things that matter to me…or annoy me!

Because I work as a personal trainer and my biggest passion is travelling, most of my posts are going to be either about health and fitness or about me discovering the world! PS my trips are never dull or boring, I have always come across to the craziest adventures and people. Might do a post about some of my previous experiences too to show you what I mean by crazy!

On a different note, I would never have thought that writing a blog can be that tough.

If you know me in person, you would also know how much and how fast I can talk- could probably recite a novel in 60-seconds. But on here, things are different, I have to choose what I spend my words on in order to avoid coming across as the most boring blogger on this planet.

Even now as I’m trying to complete the easiest task – create a ‘welcome post’-  I start writing a sentence and then delete it for numerous of times before I’m happy with what my mind’s trying to say. The delete button has already faded in colour. Hopefully I will get better at expressing myself through words and will offer you some quality content.

As I mentioned earlier, I come from a small country, called Estonia, which means some of my posts may be written in Estonian. I tried to add Google translate widget to make my life easier and hoped that it would translate all my posts but all it does is giving the Estonian readers a good laugh-  either my English is rubbish or the app isn’t quite up to date🙈.

Please feel free to comment your thoughts on my first ever blog post! Do you think there’s hope for me?! 😁








3 thoughts on “Greetings!

  1. “If you know me in person, you would also know how much and how fast I can talk- could probably recite a novel in 60-seconds.”

    I’ve found my soulmate!

    Oh.. ah ei, ma kirjutan parem eesti keeles. Ma arvan, et Sa tegid väga õige otsuse blogipidajaks hakata, sest Sa väljendad end hästi (isegi, kui see Sulle endale esmapilgul nii ei tundu) ja sellisel “all bubbly” hingel on alati millestki jutustada! Ma paneks pöidla püsti ka, kui saaks.

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